LayBy Technology has a proven and validated layby platform that has been successfully implemented for LayAway Travel and Chrisco Hampers We offer online retailers a White Labelled layby site or integrated layby payment gateway.
LayBy Technology has customised their user friendly back office software with a LMS solution, to support all aspects of your business needs and operating procedures.

Workflow Optimization

We know that each business has subtle differences when it comes to customer payments. LayBy Technology has the flexibility to meet your needs. Our support does not stop with the delivery of our technology. Once you have become familiar with using LayBy Technology, as part of our ongoing service and commitment we undertake an evaluation of your system configuration and workflows. Our team will spend time to review and make recommendations with your internal workflows to maximize your performance and finance efficiencies.


LayBy Technology’s experienced implementations team works with new clients through the operational processes of system set-up, what you need to prepare and how to go about it. We provide you with a plan and work with you through each step of the way.

Customer support

Our clients have access to our online help pages and our accessible in-house knowledge base. We provide comprehensive Stand Operating Procedures (SOP), and provide personal training to ensure all aspects of our software are optimised efficiently to support our clients and your customers. The SOP and online documentation provided consists of hundreds of FAQs and help topic’s under drop down topic labels giving instant answers to our clients’ questions. We are constantly updating these live documents when software upgrades and enhancements are passed on.