LayBy Technology was founded in 2015 to support the highly successful LayAway Travel This disruptive online layby company is the first dynamic layby travel site in Australia. LayBy Technology understands the need for customers to spread payments over a period of time to keep pace with the cost of living . Our customised back office (LMS) ensures user friendly product, pricing, customer management and tailored financial package supports your layby transactions. Our focus has been to develop a user friendly layby experience for both customers and retailers. LayBy Technology’s unique automated platform also offers customers real time account access to payment plans, personal profiles, travel itineraries or layby goods. LayBy Technology has a dedicated and committed development team. We work closely with our partners to deliver a customised solution to your ever changing business needs. Our support and commitment goes beyond the delivery of the technology. We continue to maintain, upgrade and enhance our technology for you, to ensure you focus on your business and make the most of this growth opportunity.